Is Facebook Ruining Human Friendships?

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2010 by AngelaW

It’s the same old worry that has been getting societal attention and will continue to be discussed by people who worry about the potential problems associated with the advance of technology. In this article specifically, the author discusses the impact of Facebook on human relationships. The article draws theory and example from an essay written by Zadie Smith, which you can read here. The article presented the question, not to find a defined answer, but gives the reader a certain insight on how Facebook might shape us in terms of creating or connecting relationships with people. I find many aspects in the article to be alarming and insightful, while statistics and findings provided in the article also reveals some kind of truth. In one paragraph, the author mentioned that an average Facebook user has approximately 110 friends but only six of them are in close contact with the user. “In other words, nothing has really changed; even the most fervent Facebook users still maintain only a limited circle of intimates.” I think this is a very good topic for everyone to ponder upon. Whether you like the social networking platform or not, it does generate many questions about the modern society and the evolution of relationships among people.

original article by Jonah Lehrer.


2 Responses to “Is Facebook Ruining Human Friendships?”

  1. I think Facebook, Myspace and Skype have really transformed our culture. It’s now acceptable to spend personal and quality time with a friend via a skype video call. As opposed to the past where one had to physically get up and move to be with another individual. I think technology’s progression has helped society and has too harmed us. We’ve definitely lost tighter emotional connection with people that surround. Instead of face to face interaction, we merely use a cellphone or send a quick message to catch up on each other’s daily lives. We’re so focused on our careers and fast paced life atmosphere to stop sit and think about our relationships involving each other.

  2. I think technologies has defiantly help us to keep in touch with people since sometimes its hard to keep in touch with people who have moved away and such. But I agree that with this technologies people are rarely getting together and just spending time with each other and if they do most likely they will be checking their phones to see what going on online. Social Networks have changed the way people connect and keep up to date with each other, but people also need to learn how to not live through it as well.

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